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Cultivating my Inner Homemaker

In 2014  I married an experienced gardener and my long-time dream of having a garden finally came true. Season after season I have constantly been surrounded by a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Watching the plants develop has helped me see growth from a new perspective. Lately the Lord has impressed on me that each season in my life is an opportunity for my own personal growth. Right now my focus is to cultivate my inner homemaker while my other homemaking activities are restricted due to my high-risk pregnancy.

Cultivating inner growth
September 2014: A few moths after I married my Gardner and exactly one year from when we brought Em home from the NICU.

Inner growth has many parallels with gardening. First, every growing season will have its unique tasks and differing levels of harvest. Similarly, I can’t expect each spring, summer, fall, and winter throughout my life to be equally productive. Also, newly-sown and well-established plants both need careful tending throughout the growing season. Likewise, I need to make sure the various facets of my inner homemaker are being regularly cultivated.

In the same way that deeply watered roots are able to grow strong and sturdy, I must refresh my spiritual roots by watering deep from God’s word. Plants need training, thinning, and weeding to receive adequate nutrients and sunlight. Unchecked plants, both weeds as well as invasive mint or sprawling squash, smother and choke surrounding plants, depriving them of nutrients and sunlight. In our own lives, both noxious time wasters, as well as seemingly beneficial tasks, can drain important resources from other goals in our lives.

Every gardener desiring a significant harvest dedicates consistent time and effort throughout the growing season despite setbacks such as storms and pests. We too must persevere through difficulties if we wish to yield fruit in the end.

Lastly, one of the joys of harvest is sharing the overflowing bounty with others. Likewise, our families and friends benefit when we work to become the homemaker God has designed us to be.Ultimately, the more we are able to cultivate our inner growth, the more fruit we will have to share.

I hope this analogy helps you better understand your own growth journey. I have also written a poem on the subject to provide a different angle on the matter.

Growing My Garden

My time is like a Garden
I carefully must tend
And plan to keep it faithfully
If a harvest it will lend.

I must plant in proper season
And cull invasive weeds.
My garden needs attention
In order to succeed.

Between refreshing rains
And some occasional storms
I must water, soaking deeply,
If I want strong roots to form.

If left wild and free
Untrained vines will strangle,
Shrubs and bushes rise unruly,
Unpruned brambles tangle.

A garden’s work is never done;
The cycle just repeats.
But I know if I am faithful
A harvest I will reap.

I must keep a watchful eye
For ever-growing weeds.
Although I may uproot them
Many still leave seeds.

When comes the drought and storm
And pestilence and frost,
Survivors stand resilient
When I think all is lost

The God who sends the storm
Is the one who brings new growth.
He sifts and refines;
He raises and makes low.

The plants that were destroyed
Can be planted once again.
If right now is not the time
Perhaps another year.

And when I start to feel
My labor is in vain,
I watch as flowers bloom
Promising great gain.

The blossoms fade and fall,
And quickly are replaced
By nascent seeds in fledgling fruit
Formed in floral base.

I eagerly watch daily,
As they grow and swell.
Anticipating harvest,
I tend and water still.

As I harvest through each season
Bounty to be shared
I thank my God the giver
For his abundant care.

As you can see, both gardening and personal growth take dedication and time, but the end result is well worth the effort.

What Did You Think?

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What lessons are you learning about personal growth? Have you ever grown a garden? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Cultivating my Inner Homemaker: I can share the bounty with those around me.
12 month-old Em with a tromboncino (a variety of squash).

Cultivating My Inner Homemaker
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