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MBTI Resources and Information

MBTI Resources & Information

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I believe personality type is a valuable growth tool. This blog began as an outlet for my own personal growth based on what I had learned about my own Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (I am an INFP) If you want to find out more about MBTI, you have come to the right place. This page is a collection of MBTI resources and links to further information from around the web. 

 MBTI Resources From This Site

All MBTI Posts

Meyers-Briggs Basics for Homemakers

Personality Typing for Homemakers: MBTI Basics

Did you know that there are hidden functions beyond your four-letter MBTI code?

Cognitive Functions: An Introduction

Unlocking your personality type's unique gifts using cognitive functionsFinding Your Personality’s Unique Gifts Using Cognitive Stacks

How my MBTI Helped me Find a Personal Growth Outlet

INFP Married To an ISTJ

Thoughts From an INFP Married to an ISTJ

Meyers Briggs Infographics Page

MBTI Infographics 

Links To More MBTI Information

About Personality Typing:

Personality Hacker:* Does Typology Put People in a Box?

16 Personalities: Our Theory

Mystie Winkler: Personality Matters 

Free Online Personality Tests:

16 Personalities

Resources for Understanding Introverts:

I Speak People – Bo Miller’s site is full of helpful tips for introverts. As a Christian and a Certified Meyer’s Briggs Practitioner, he has some good, balanced insight into personality typing and it’s applications.


General Resources:

The Meyers and Briggs Foundation:

This site is mainly for professionals and many of their resources have a cost.
But if you dig around, they have a lot of easy to understand
information about the MBTI system as a whole.

 16 Personalities

The 16 Personalities site offers free online personality testing
and many other resources to help you understand
your type and how the MBTI system works.

Personal Growth and MBTI:

The Meyers and Briggs Foundation – Type in Personal Growth

Personality Growth-How Each MBTI Type Gets Motivated

Other Articles From the Web:




*Although the Personality Hacker site has a lot of good information, I cannot fully recommend them as a whole due to issues with mild profanity and some of their articles against Christianity and religion.  I will occasionally recommend some of their articles that are free from objectional content. Also note, that their podcast also has some profanity despite the G rating so please use caution or headphones around children.

MBTI Resources & Information