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About Reflective Homemaker

As a Reflective Homemaker, I want to use the unexpected circumstances in my life as avenues to pursue growth both in my personal life and in my home.  

About Me

Hi, my name is Charity Childs. I have been a full-time homemaker since I got married in 2014.  A little over a year later, our daughter Em was born. Little Olive joined our family at 33 weeks in 2017. (Read her birth story here).

The Story Behind the Blog

My dedication to cultivating my inner homemaker first took root with the diagnosis of a large (11.5 cm) subchorionic hematoma near my baby’s gestational sac in March 2017. Because of this high-risk condition, our best option was modified bed rest and restriction from most household activities.

Suddenly the strivings for a clean house meticulously maintained laundry and intricately prepared meals were unimportant. Finally, I could see my neglected inner homemaker as well as my wilted and stunted spiritual walk. Fortunately, I had the time needed to cultivate and grow my thought patterns and attitudes. Most importantly, I had the time to revive my relationship with God and lay a solid foundation for seasons when I don’t have the luxury of hours of study.

Becoming the Homemaker God Intended

Unforeseen life events, health difficulties or even just day-to-day interruptions are all golden opportunities for reflection and personal growth.

Feeling frustrated and defeated while facing difficulty is easy! And taking the effort to change is hard, especially when trying to do it in my own strength. I am learning yet again that I must yield fully to God during my trials. When I do, He uses them to grow my spiritual walk and my perspective on life. Ultimately channeling my inner growth into my daily responsibilities will help me become the homemaker God intended me to be.

I encourage you to join me as I learn to cultivate, refresh, and grow my inner homemaker amid the unexpected circumstances of life.

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Contact Reflective Homemaker

I love hearing from you! What unique opportunities for reflection and growth have you seen in your life? What are the most challenging growth areas for you?  Leave a comment or contact me through email or social media.

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