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When God has a Better Birth Story Part 1: PPROM (Pregnancy Update)

I had just passed the 30 week mark of my current pregnancy when I woke up in the middle of the night leaking amniotic fluid. Because of the risk of infection and my likelihood to go into labor, I was immediately hospitalized.  Statistically I should have been one of the 90% of women who deliver within a week of preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM). However God in his mercy has allowed my baby to continue to grow in my womb. As I write this, I have reached 32 weeks and 5 days. The goal is for me to deliver at 34 weeks, but if further complications develop I will need to deliver earlier.

Preparation for the Journey

When my water broke, I could sense God’s overwhelming peace even though I knew the road ahead would be difficult. But looking back I was amazed at all the ways God had been preparing me for this journey.

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Enjoying Special Moments

As I wrote in my last post, I was trying to see every day with my husband as a gift. Only 2 weeks before I was hospitalized we had decided to get away for an overnight babymoon in a nearby town. It was short but refreshing. It also gave me more mental energy to enjoy many special moments with my husband and toddler in the days leading up to my hospitalization.

Sharing God’s Hope

I had also been growing in my desire for God’s word and work in my life. But I was also feeling an unsettling urge to share the hope God was giving me with others. And now I am stuck in the hospital and get to share God’s goodness with new people every day.
One tool God has used is the coloring book gifted to me by the King’s Kids in our church (read more on that story in this Instagram post). My husband and I had colored many pages as we went through a seminar for handling anxiety biblically. (See these blog and Instagram posts for more on my journey with anxiety)  Each day I put a new picture on the wall. I get a lot of comments and opportunities to share my story.
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Learning to Pray

I also had been going through a study on prayer. One statement that stuck with me was “make no decisions without prayer.” I have always dreaded making decisions because I never felt like I made the right choice. But I also had never truly prayed for wisdom and sought God’s peace on a specific decision.
When I was admitted to the hospital they wanted to put me on a plethora of medications. My husband and I usually research before making any medical decisions, but in this case there was no time. We were questioning one medication in particular because of my previous experiences with similar drugs. But after praying and consulting with the doctor, we felt at peace with the injection. When we finally did research later we found out that this medication can mean the difference between life and death for some babies.

Focusing on Certainties

Overall I have been learning to trust God with EVERY fear and weakness that I face. Although there are many uncertainties in the road ahead, I know I can depend on my unchanging God and the certainties in his word.

What we know so far:

Baby’s development and heart rate have been excellent.

  • Although 90% of babies are born within a week of PPROM, she has been content to stay put and grow.  Her eviction deadline is 34 weeks (early September)  due to the risk of infection.
  • She was head down in the first few ultrasounds but decided to turn breech. She is still moving quite a bit despite the low fluid levels, but the doctors there is nothing that can safely be done to ensure an optimal position.
  • If baby is in a good position I will be allowed to labor and deliver normally, but if she is still breech I will need a C-section.


Please Pray With Us. . .

  • for wisdom as we make decisions
  • that mama and baby would stay healthy and free from infection.
  • for a good testimony as I interact with others at the hospital.
  • that our family would grow closer together despite being separated and that the limited time we have together would be special.
  • for a peaceful and safe delivery.

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I regularly post updates on the Reflective Homemaker Instagram or Facebook Page if you would like to know how to pray for us in a timely manner.

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